One word that says it all…
This was our vision, which became our goal and purpose and then turned into our daily concept and practice.
We are moving forward with our absolute pursuit of Quality in every aspect and detail of our clinic.
And with our care everything changes, everything evolves. . .

LEFKOS STAVROS takes care of you and

__equipped with high technology and know-how, in hospitalization, diagnosis, special units, operating rooms.
__enriches its potential in terms of new specialized departments led by experienced and highly respected physicians and surgeons
__creates new, highly aesthetic, spaces and standard hospital rooms for the quality stay of patients and companions.
__creates specially trained nursing staff, who always stand by the patient with a smile and sensitivity.
__chooses administrative staff suitable to serve with knowledge and patience.
__ensures certifications that guarantee the quality of the structure and operation of the clinic.

For all of us, the big “family
by LEFKOS STAVROS / The Athens Clinic
every patient is unique and treated exactly the same way.

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